How it Works

Participating in the UniForum program provides University Executives with the opportunity to develop new insights into their own organisations.

Our benchmarking methodologies are designed specifically for the service operations of research-active Universities. Combined with our 20+ years of operations consulting experience, our methodologies give UniForum members unique insights into the consequences of their institution’s support services delivery strategies.

Insights are developed further through collaborative studies with peers allowing University Executives to see their organisations through the lens of other institutions facing similar challenges.

Benchmarking administrative service operations

All Universities subscribing to UniForum participate in our Administrative Services Activity survey to understand how their non-academic staff is deployed in the provision of services supporting the University’s teaching and research programs.

They also take part in the organisation profiling process that creates the foundations for the operations benchmarking exercise. In addition, the Universities can participate in the optional Service Effectiveness survey.

Furthermore, each University is matched up with other member Universities to form a “chapter” for collaborative studies. Chapter members collectively set the parameters for the collaborative studies that their chapter undertakes each year. Find out more ->

Going beyond benchmarking

The UniForum approach avoids the common benchmarking pitfalls in a number of important ways, and takes stakeholders through a process of building a robust, fact-based understanding of the choices available to them.

Although the starting point for studies is the benchmarking data, the endpoint is a better understanding of the drivers of difference and the consequences of different decisions management can make. Find out more ->

Answering strategic questions

Pressures on administrative and general services support budgets at a University produce a wide range of strategic questions covering topics such as:

  • Service delivery costs
  • Organisation design
  • Investment priorities
  • Process redesign
  • Financial management

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UniForum’s operations benchmarking and collaborative studies process provides answers to these questions, and empowers administrators to make informed decisions about reshaping the support services organisation at their University. See what others have done ->

Maximising impact through focus

Our expert facilitators ensure UniForum studies maximise impact by focusing on the factors that have the greatest influence on the operational efficiency and effectiveness of a specific University service.

Results from the studies help members understand the paradigm-changing choices available to them, have the confidence to tackle the fundamental issues and make the “big” decisions. Find out more ->