The UniForum programme now has 42 member institutions worldwide who participate in the annual service operations benchmarking and the UniForum studies. We work with 24 universities in Australia and New Zealand, and 18 in the United Kingdom, where we launched the UniForum programme  in June 2015 with the Russell Group of universities.

See our full member lists for details, including staff and student numbers:

Our membership represents a richly diverse group of universities in terms of student numbers, research intensity and mix, and the strategic choices each has made on how to provide administrative support services.

Insight comes from this diversity.

Recent studies by members

A core feature of UniForum membership is participation in collaborative studies.

In recent times studies have been conducted into a wide range of areas including library services delivery, research portfolio management and administration, financial budgeting & forecasting, HR services, facilities maintenance and travel management, as well as broader studies into structural factors impacting overall resourcing of support services. Find out more about the recent studies ->

These UniForum studies are led by Cubane Consulting’s team of facilitators. They bring together a unique combination of experience in business operations strategy, commercial and academic research and the University sector. Find out more about our team ->

Member benefits and outcomes

Membership of Uniforum provides many benefits and delivers real operational outcomes to participating Universities. Find out more ->