Recent collaborative studies

Each year UniForum chapter members select two to three service areas for a detailed review and sharing of peer insights.

Recent studies were conducted into:

  • Research portfolio management – the impact on support cost and effectiveness of different strategies for managing shared research infrastructure and services, and the strategies being employed to provide better information on research output.
  • Finance – the end-to-end service models employed to support budgeting and forecasting, and the impact of different policy decisions of the University on the resourcing required in different parts of the University for this activity.
  • Human resources management – the different strategies employed to manage high-volume transactional activity versus the low-volume advisory support to senior managers, and the impact these have on end-to-end service resourcing.
  • Facilities management – the impact of different maintenance strategies and factors, such as building condition and function, on the total cost of maintenance.
  • Travel administration – the impact on cost and service effectiveness of different approaches to supporting travellers through the life cycle of a travel event.
  • Institution-wide resourcing of support services – the relationship between resourcing capacity, costs, deployment structure and characteristics of the workforce, such as seniority and specialisation levels.

UniForum studies like these enable member Universities facing similar administrative challenges to pool their knowledge and identify actionable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness for their University’s support services.

Actionable insights

Insights that our members gained from their recent studies include:

  • Seeing the significant impact that different service delivery models and supporting system investment choices have on the resourcing required to support functions such as research portfolio management, finance and HR.
  • Uncovering the trade-off choices being made in maintenance, and the critical importance on better information management to improve contractor management and decision making.
  • Understanding the impact of policy and systems investment decisions on both the efficiency and perceived effectiveness of travel management.