UK members

University Country Executive Sponsors Total Students (Student FTE) Total Staff (Academic and Administration FTE)
University of Birmingham United Kingdom Mr Lee Sanders, Registrar and Secretary 31,741 6,403
United Kingdom Robin Geller, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer 21,555 5,577
University of Cambridge United Kingdom Emma Rampton, Academic Secretary 19,938 9,823
United Kingdom Jayne Sadgrove, Chief Operating Officer 30,180 5,230
 Durham-University United Kingdom Sally McGill, CFO 17,505 >4,000
United Kingdom Sarah Smith, University Secretary 35,582 9,444
United Kingdom Mike Shore-Nye, Registrar and Secretary 21,273 3,905
University of Glasgow United Kingdom Dr Dorothy Welch, Deputy Secretary 26,088 >6,000
King's College London United Kingdom Dr Ian Tebbett, Senior VP Operations 25,469 >7,000
University of Leeds United Kingdom Jane Madeley, Finance Director 31,750 7,517
The University of Liverpool United Kingdom Patrick Hackett, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor 20,605 5,600
United Kingdom Dr Andrew Young, COO >9,000 >2,300
The University of Manchester United Kingdom Will Spinks, Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer 38,430 10,400
Newcastle University United Kingdom Dr John Hogan, Registrar, Chief Operations Officer 24,874 >5,000
University of Oxford United Kingdom Professor Anne Trefethen, Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Chief Information Officer 22,348 11,423
Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom Laura Gibbs, Chief Operating Officer 17,840 4,000
University of Southampton United Kingdom Ian Dunn, Chief Operating Officer 23,115 5,000
UCL  United Kingdom Rex Knight, Vice-Provost (Operations)  28,859  9,872